Understand how you can take part in the Diamond Hunt!


How it Works

  • About the programme

    We have developed the new automotive Diamonds rewards programme that customers can benefit from using the automotive Diamonds Partner products - Because we want this programme to support you and your team even more effectively and to reward your loyalty even more generously.

  • how it work for garage owner

    How it works for Garages

    For many products you use, we will now reward you with automotive Diamonds. All you have to do is collect product labels of our partners and send them back to us and we'll credit this valuable currency.

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  • How it work for Distributors

    How it works for Distributors

    The way in which you can earn automotive Diamonds depends on the specific agreement between the individual Automotive Diamonds Partner and your organisation.

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  • Re-manufacturing Products

    How it works: TRW Remanufactured Products

    You can also collect valuable Diamonds bonus points when purchasing remanufactured TRW parts. So you can reach your desired Diamonds reward even faster.

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