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Frequently asked questions

  • General Information
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    What is automotive Diamonds?

    automotive Diamonds is the reward programme for workshop and distribution partners. It is our way of rewarding you for using the products of the automotive Diamonds partner brands and at the same time, effectively supporting you in your business.

    How does automotive Diamonds work?

    For many products of the automotive Diamonds Partner Brands that you use, you will receive a certain number of Diamonds. To do this, simply cut out the product labels and return them in the prepaid envelope that have been already provided in the welcome pack or by request.

    The prepaid envelope should have already been addressed and your membership number should be on a sticker on the back of the envelope as well.

    Please make sure that the envelopes are not overfilled and damaged otherwise the envelope is no longer legible for the prepaid delivery process.
    Five prepaid envelopes are provided in your welcome pack. If you need new envelopes please send us a request on our website. 

    You can redeem the Diamonds that we credit to you for attractive rewards.

    Why should I participate in automotive Diamonds?

    It will make purchasing the products of our Partner Brands even more worthwhile. Your customers will be able to rely on top quality products from the leading brand manufacturers and you will benefit from a wide range of attractive rewards.

    Does it cost anything to participate in automotive Diamonds?

    No, taking part in the automotive Diamonds programme is easy, without obligation and of course at no charge to you. As a welcome gesture, we will credit every account with 50 Diamonds.

    Do I need a customer card in order to use the programme?

    Your e-mail address and password are all that is needed to be able to benefit from our extremely varied reward programme – a customer card is not necessary.

  • Registering
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    How do I register for automotive Diamonds?

    Simply go to, click "register" and complete the form with your information. We will then send you a welcome pack containing detailed information as well as the prepaid envelopes for sending labels back.

    What do I do if I forget my password?

    Go to and click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link under the login box on the top of the page. On the next page, enter your automotive Diamonds membership ID or the registered e-mail address. A new password link will be emailed immediately.

    How can I change my e-mail address?

    To change your e-mail address, please proceed as follows: Go to and log in with your current e-mail address and password. Choose ‘Profile’. Here you can quickly and easily change your e-mail address. Please note that you must use the new e-mail address straight away to log in with.

  • Collecting Diamonds
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    How many Diamonds do I earn for which products?

    You can see how many Diamonds are earned from different products by going to the "Diamonds details" website after registering and logging in with your access data.

    What do I have to do when sending in the labels?

    Just tear off the flap with the label from the respective packaging or cut off the label. Please ensure that both the product part reference and the barcode are completely legible. Collect the flaps in the automotive Diamonds prepaid envelope and just send them to us by post. The envelope contains a unique address and a sticker with your membership number on the back.
    This is the only way that you can be sure that your labels will get assigned to your automotive Diamonds account.

    How do I get hold of new automotive Diamonds prepaid envelopes?

    As soon as you have returned all prepaid envelopes provided you need to request new ones on our website. Please click here to order new prepaid envelopes!

  • Redeeming Diamonds
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    What different rewards are there?

    automotive Diamonds offer a wide range of rewards from electronic products to useful workshop equipment – providing ideal support for you and your team.

    When can I start ordering rewards?

    You can start cashing in your Diamonds for high-quality rewards from now on.

    Can I redeem my Diamonds for cash?

    Please note that we are unable to make cash payments in exchange for Diamonds. However, you can redeem your Diamonds against a wide variety of rewards.

    Is there a time limit within which I have to redeem my Diamonds?

    “Diamonds are forever!” And your automotive Diamonds also hold their value extremely well. If you wish, you can collect them over an extended period of time and treat yourself to the most valuable rewards. For further information, please check our terms and conditions on .

    How can I order my reward?

    To order a reward, just click on ‘Treasures’. Just choose the reward you want from one of the categories and add them to your shopping basket. Please note that you must be logged-in to be able to do this. The system now guides you through the ordering process automatically. Check the delivery address you entered and then confirm your order. Within two working days, you will receive a confirmation of the order via email.

    What happens if a reward is not available?

    Technology develops fast and we are always trying to keep the rewards shop and our stock as fresh as possible. In single cases it could happen that we haven't been able to update the shop or our stock quickly enough. As we would still like you to enjoy your rewards without delay, we will ensure that you receive either the upgraded version of your ordered reward or we will find an equal product of the same or higher quality for you.

    Do I have to pay postage and packaging when I order a reward?

    No. automotive Diamonds pays postage and packing charges for the shipping of your reward!

    How long does it take to deliver my reward?

    Delivery of your reward can take up to five weeks. If your order takes longer than this, contact our Service Team through the "contact" webpage – they will be pleased to help.

    Can you deliver my reward to a PO Box number?

    All reward deliveries must be signed for. This means that you cannot specify delivery to a PO Box number when ordering rewards.

    Can I have my reward sent to another country?

    No, it is only possible to send rewards to the country in which your company is based.

    Who do I contact if I have a complaint about my reward?

    In the unlikely event that you need to complain, please contact our Service Team through the "contact" webpage as quickly as possible. They will be pleased to take care of your query immediately.

  • My account
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    How long does it take for automotive Diamonds to be credited to my account?

    Due to the time required for posting and subsequent processing, it can take approx. four weeks for the Diamonds to be credited after the labels have been despatched.

    Why is there a cancellation period?

    In some cases your diamonds are only provisionally credited at first. Within a 30 day period, automotive Diamonds retains the right to deduct Diamonds that have been credited to your account (for example if a submitted label has been incorrectly scanned and entered). Upon expiry of the cancellation period, the Diamonds will be available for you to redeem against rewards.

    When will the Diamonds be released?

    You are able to check the release date quickly and easily yourself. Simply log onto using your membership log in and go to ‘Diamonds Statement’. The total number of Diamonds booked but not yet available will be shown.

    Can I transfer my Diamonds to another account?

    The security of your information and account are our prime concern. For that reason it will unfortunately not be possible to transfer Diamonds between accounts.

    Can I collect Diamonds in several accounts?

    Members in the Diamonds programme are not allowed to have more than one account.

  • Technical problems
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    Can I use my e-mail address several times?

    Our main concern is the security of your information and your account. For this reason, it is not possible to save the same e-mail address twice in the system. In this context, please note that each member in the automotive Diamonds programme is only allowed to have one account.

    Why are e-mails from automotive Diamonds displayed on my screen with errors in them?

    The correct display of our HTML mail depends on the individual settings of your e-mail client/browser. Our e-mails are sent as multipart mail, i.e. in HTML and TXT format. If you are unable to view our HTML mail correctly, please change your browser settings to allow TXT e-mails only.

    Will I be automatically logged out?

    To ensure the highest levels of security, automotive Diamonds uses a session timeout of one hour. If after logging in with your personal data, you are not active on the page by clicking with the mouse or similar, the system automatically logs you off. In order to protect your personal data, the system also logs you out automatically if you delete your cookies while you are logged in to automotive Diamonds.

  • Data protection
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    What data is stored about me and for how long?

    When you register with automotive Diamonds, we need the company name, individual contact name, postal address, email address, telephone and/or fax address and various details relating to your company (basic member data) to enable us to open a automotive Diamonds account for you.
    When you collect Diamonds, the only data that is transmitted and recorded is that which is necessary for the Diamonds to be credited to your account (transaction data). This data is related to qualifying products purchased by you from the Programme Partners, as well as Rewards redeemed.
    The data described above is stored by us. The personal data held about you (master data and transaction data) is used in the operation of the automotive Diamonds programme – either by TRW itself, by our Partner Brands in the programme or by a third-party company (data processing contractor). This data is only used for advertising or marketing purposes if you have given your agreement to this when registering with automotive Diamonds. If you have not given your consent or subsequently withdrawn it, this data will only be used to operate the system for you, not for any advertising, marketing or research purpose and will of course not be passed on to third parties for that purpose!

    If your participation in automotive Diamonds expires, all your personal data will be deleted three months later. We have to maintain this grace period because terminations are sometimes revoked. After three months, all personal data is irrevocably deleted.

  • Termination
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    How can I terminate my participation in automotive Diamonds?

    In order to terminate your participation in automotive Diamonds, please send notification in writing to the automotive Diamonds Service Centre. You can write to the Service Centre by e-mail at, by contacting us through our "contact" webpage or by post to:

    TRW KFZ Ausrüstung GmbH
    Marketing Service - automotive Diamonds
    Rudolf Diesel Str.7
    56566 Neuwied

    To enable us to process your termination quickly and smoothly, please include in your termination e-mail/letter your automotive Diamonds membership ID (with registered e-mail address) and the reason for your termination.

    How long will my data be stored after termination?

    Twelve months after a termination, all personal data is irrevocably deleted.

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